Sharp as a tack

I'm going to guess that most people have the red tomato pincushion with the dangling emery-filled strawberry. Thankfully, I don't. I have this really great pincushion my aunt bought for me in Hawaii. In college, I accidentally swallowed a straight pin while quilting and she bought it as a joke insisting that it was "a safer place to store sharp objects." I adore that pincushion, but the only drawback is that there isn't anywhere to sharpen pins and needles...it is just a big pillow in a wooden base. I had all but resigned myself to buying the cliche tomato pincushion just to get the strawberry. But, further proving my theory that you can find almost anything on Etsy, I was able to find Dottyral, an Etsy seller that makes tiny emery pincushions. Better yet, she makes them in flawless black and white material. Needless to say, I bought one immediately. I use my pins every day and over time, they just get dull and you don't notice it. Kind of like before you know it, your nephew is seven years old and making jokes and going to school...okay, I'm getting off topic. But, it is amazing how much easier the cursed pinning is when you have nice sharp points. This pincushion is a must-have for anyone who sews often.

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